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Avail from us a wide range of high quality products like Automobile Gas Springs, Industrial Gas Springs, Auto LIFT, Damping in Extension, With End Position Lock, Auto BLOCK, Rigid Auto Block in Extension (RABE), etc.

About Us

We, Pravi Auto Swing Pvt. Ltd. are a reliable manufacturer, exporter and supplier, specialized in range of high quality Gas Springs. Our vast array of products include Auto Gas Springs, Automobile Gas Springs, Industrial Gas Springs, Damping in Extension, With End Position Lock, Auto BLOCK Gas Springs, Rigid Auto Block in Extension (RABE), Spring Auto Block (SAB), Piston Gas Springs, Motion Dampers, etc. All these products are manufactured as per set industry norms and standard. Further, we use quality assured raw material and ground breaking engineering technologies for an efficient range of products. These cater to various application areas like Automotive, Furniture, Agricultural & Earthmoving Equipment, Healthcare Equipment, etc.

We are a company engaged in designing as well as manufacturing gas springs as per customer's specifications & needs. Our piston / auto piston springs are offered in different sizes. You can select the suitable one with the right size of piston and cylinder along with the correct value of gas pressure. This will give the exact force in the spring, which is required for accomplishing a specific job. Over the 25 years of our excellent business growth and efficient services, we have earned tremendous expertise in gas spring designing for a myriad of applications.

How a gas spring works?

We can say that a gas spring is a very sturdy variant of a bicycle pump, but it is filled with pressurized nitrogen gas (major component of the air around us) and oil, and it is entirely sealed so that it can't leak. The gas lets the spring to store energy, and the oil damps (smooths & slows) the motion of piston, and it also gives lubrication. Similar to a bicycle pump, there is a close-fitting piston affixed on a rod that can slide back and forth in a cylinder. But it is made from heavy-gauge steel, not with light plastic as in the bicycle pump.

Pushing a gas spring - you force the rod of piston and piston into the cylinder that compresses the gas. Stop pushing and allow go, the pressure of the gas forces the piston pull back again. Thus far, it sounds like a bicycle pump - but the working of it is in a different way. Unlike a bicycle pump, inner gas of the cylinder can flow through or around the piston from a side to another as its back and forward movements.

How exactly this happens varies from one gas spring design to other. Commonly, the piston has one or many holes / valves in it. If the piston can move through with the gas, you may consider it is not compressing the gas. But remember that the entire cylinder is completely sealed. The time piston rod is inside cylinder, it is taking room that the gas already resided. In another way, when a gas spring is pushed inward you have compressed the gas inner side by a measure equal to the amount of the piston rod. If the rod covers virtually the entire cylinder, you can realize that the gas is getting compressed significantly. The pressure of gas can be really high, typically up to 170 times average atmospheric pressure!

Importance of auto, piston gas springs

These springs are installed in the trunk lid of a car. In their absence, it will be too heavy to lift and it will not hold up in the air when something needs to be stored in it. Further, if the lid is not supported then it will simply crash down onto the bodywork of the car, hence damaging it. In this scenario, a general metal spring can be fitted on the lid, but it will not serve the purpose as it will have to be very stiff and heavy. This heavy auto spring will require high strength and effort to lift the lid. Higher the lifting distance, higher will be effort required to increase its height. And when the lid is opened completely, stretching of the spring would be so much that it will be pulled directly back down again.

Hence, the best solution is to use a gas spring in the form of pump which is filled with pressurized nitrogen gas. At Pravi Auto Swings Pvt. Ltd. we offer the best quality piston / auto gas springs, which deliver excellent performance.

Adjustable Gas Spring
Adjustable Gas Spring